Its is becoming more and more important to congregate, share information and trade amongst the membership, and as each meeting is scheduled, so it is recorded here so that we can all look back on what are simply great occasions. Want to host a UK Meet? contact and we'll get the ball rolling.

U.K.VAC Meeting 1.0 Milton Keynes, February 7th, 1997
U.K.VAC Meeting 1.5 Milton Keynes, October 2nd, 1999
U.K.VAC Meeting 1.5.1 Bedford, October 2nd, 1999
U.K.VAC Meeting 1.6 (Ravmeet) "Rav's Muzzy Mall", February 26th, 2000
U.K.VAC Meeting 1.7 Swanmeet
U.K.VAC Meeting 1.8 (Bazmeet) Honiton, November xxth, 2000
U.K.VAC Meeting 1.85 (Kipmeet) Chelmsford, February 3rd, 2001
U.K.VAC Meeting 1.95  Bedford, June 3rd,2001
U.K.VAC Meeting 1.95 (SP3)  "Rav's Muzzy Mall," Portsmouth, 13th June, 2001
Tech-Meet 1.0 "Rav's Muzzy Mall", January 21st-23rd, 2000
U.K.VAC Logo Competition Results All the Entries from XY's competition stored for prosperity