U.K.VAC Meeting 1.6

"Rav's Muzzy Mall" Feburary 26th, 2000




  • Adam Rose
  • Adrian 'Mousey' Purser
  • Andy 'P-Man' Welburn
  • Barry Hutchings
  • Bruce 'Bazfish' Smith
  • Chad Gray
  • Chris Ahchay
  • Chris Hardy
  • Chris Toseland
  • Darren 'D-Zine' Hatton
  • Dave Langley
  • Dom 'Rav' Escott
  • Greg Mott
  • Ian Boffin
  • Ivan Mackintosh
  • Jason 'Giblet' Gibbons
  • Karl Doe
  • Matt Garrett
  • Matt Rose
  • Mike Walden
  • Neil Breeze
  • Paul Swan
  • Pete 'Skitz' Davis
  • Phil Eaton
  • Sal Langley
  • Steve 'Swallow' Huntley & Missus
  • Trevor Haddrell
  • XY-Man
  • have I omitted someone or got your name wrong.... quick brainstorm 1 this is ;p
  • Asteroids
  • Berzerk
  • Defender
  • Galaxian
  • Gorf (1)
  • Gorf (2) Hard-set
  • Joust
  • Killer Instinct (Not Running)
  • Missile Command Cabaret
  • Missile Command Upright (displayed with Pac-land)
  • Pac-Man
  • Phoenix
  • R-type
  • Robotron
  • Qix
  • Sinistar
  • Space Invader (Not running)
  • Star-Gate
  • Star Wars Cockpit (Not Running)
  • Tron
  • Wizard of Wor


This Page is under construction - for now its just a picture archive.....



The humming Asteroids Asteroids next to the twin Gorfs Berzerk's Side art
Super-zapper Berzerk Dave Langley peers into the defunct Cockpit Dave Langley whipping Roby Butt!
Scene 1 from the Wall of Williams (tm) Defender! Garage One
Garage Two! Joust! Matt and Andy ponder the best way in!
Hacking open the Pac Continues!! Pac, unfinished Missile Command and  Invader Pukka Pac-Man
Nova Phoenix's gets a pummeling Garage One beset with UKVACers! Mad Abdul Azzrad plots with Hardy-county-boy the ins and outs of driveway bartering...
The Phoenix Rav's infamous R-type Rav's infamous R-Type (the sequel)
Sal knee deep in Roby bliss The non-working Space Invader Sinistar!
U.S. Scratchy Star-Gate Galaxian Convergence! The Wor booming from the kitchen
The Missile Command Caberet Tron! We Have Tron! (notice the Defender behind being used as a power source for the monitor!)  Tron in full side-on glory!
A gaggle of predominantly UK-Tech-heads Earnest banter in full progress!

OK, now here's Chad's superb efforts...

Tosey hard at the WG HV Transformer Garage 1 undergoes last tidy-up Garage 2 undergoes one last ditch tech-work
Bazfish bashes the Gorf! Phil tackles the Star-Gate Zkitz opens for business as usual
Rav R-type's for the masses Wor in full glory! The Tempest inside Tron!
Chris hard at the Phoenix The Wall of Williams besieged The Wall under attack
Rav's R-Type That Wall being appreciated again ;P D-Zine caps the Pac-man
Matt on his renewed table (notice Dragons Lair DVD in background) Pub Pit-stop [1] Pub Pit-stop[2]
Pub Pit-Stop [3]