U.K.VAC Meeting 1.8

"Kipmeet" Chelmsford, Feburary 3rd, 2001

 Written By Andy 'P-man' Welburn for AAM Magazine, Issue #99



  • Loadsa People
  • Defender
  • Roadblasters
  • Killer Instinct (being used for track n field)
  • Return of the Jedi
  • Dunk Shot (4 Player cocktail)
  • Vindicators
  • WEC Le Mans 24
  • Pacmania
  • JAMMA Cabinet
  • Poloe Position (cockpit)
  • Crystal Maze (quiz machine)


I was in attendance the previous night, part of the 'techmeet crew' who usually go to meetings in advance to scout out the machines, and fix what we can in time for the meeting the next day. Techies present were : Me (P-man), Ade, Rav, Bazfish, MikeDX (not really techie ;) and of course our host, Kipster. Once we had met up, we sank a few in the local pub and returned home at about midnight, slightly toasted, to begin our work :) Upon entering the 'arcade room' (commandeered and converted front bedroom) we see a nice line up of machines, as follows:

Killer Instinct (being used for track n field)
Return of the Jedi
Dunk Shot (4 player cocktail)
WEC Le Mans 24
JAMMA cabinet
Pole Position (cockpit)
Crystal Maze (quiz machine, in the lounge :)

Everything worked, but for the pole position, defender and jamma cabinet. Rav had brought a working set of pole position 2 boards with him (which i point out he had toiled for 3 days prior to get a working set for the meeting), so we thought it would be a matter of plugging them in and there we go :) Alas no, the monitor had been changed, not sure what Kip had done, but i had to wire up the monitor into the cabinet first, then put the boards in, then fire up... bingo! pole position worked :) 

Moving swiftly on, the defender.. we chose to do something rather radical, after a lot of messing around with monitors and stuff, changing them a few times, we installed a PC running an emulator (with defender running, and with arcadeOS installed) outputting in modified frequency to the standard res. monitor. I would be over simplifying if i said we did this quickly, this took an incredible amount of time and in fact we had to finish it the next morning before people started turning up :)

The jamma cab, finally got a replacement monitor (that Rav brought with him), installed and got it wired and up and running, we were set!

Then... sleep... it had just passed 5am, we all flaked out on the floor with much blanket and sleeping bag ruffling i think we all slept near enough right away from sheer exhaustion.

Woke up at 9:30am, to a few bits of toast and hot drinks, rushed in and finished off the Defender just in time, not enough time to bolt monitor in securely, so we propped it up with some text books and pushed it against the wall.. then the hordes started arriving one by one.. by about 3pm i think we were at full capacity, roughly 30-35 people were present.

Everything was going swimmingly until the picture on the Return of the Jedi started going wibbly.. it lasted about half an hour then went off :( oh well.. casualty number one..

Soon it was getting quite busy, people milling about, having chats, playing game, like you do.. then Scotty green (nanonano) turned up with his 'indoor car-boot sale' and shouting out stuff for sale as if he were a market trader :) He occupied the hallway grabbing anybody walking past to sell things too.. boards, joysticks, buttons, parts, manuals, control panels, marquees, artwork... it was all there :)

A big shout out to MikeDX for wowing the audience watching him play track n field. Some moves in there that were definitely new to me :) Gameplay strategy and hints galore. We were just amazed that he managed to clock the machine about 5 times, reaching just under half a million points. Answering a phone call was enough to put him off the high jump and it was all over :)

I had brought along a laserdisc player and a laptop, to try and get Dragon's Lair 2 running on the TV.. XY-man brought along a Dragon's Lair 2 disc, but alas, a mere oversight, my laptop was incapable of running the emulator properly.. Mike Coates to the rescue! he soon had the emulator program disassembled and was trying to modify it so it would work... alas it was in vain, along with the help of D-Zine (Darren) and SMF  (Phil) we couldn't quite get it to run properly.. a valiant effort..

But what's this... The pole position.. Oh no... Random resetting.. Dammit.. it appeared that the boards were getting too hot inside the cabinet causing the resetting, we couldn't have the door open for ventilation as other cabs were stacked up against it.. oh well... had to be switched off. Casualty number 2..

Quite soon the trades were going on like a cracker, Scotty's stock had depleted somewhat as the evening wore on.. 

The emulator people (you know who you are) started grabbing boards off people to dump the ROMs (the game code) in their own little room.. (Juno, Coatsie), a not-so unusual sight. Thanks to Outrun (Kev) we also had a test rig and a monitor to test out boards on, in the 'tech-room' (the study). This is mainly reserved space for the emulator boys to examine boards and dump ROMs, and always seems to fill up with deep, techie conversation :)

mmm Hungry... Evening arrived much sooner than expected and everyone was getting peckish so bulk orders from the local Chinese and Indian takeaways, plus some pizzas were in place. Things started slowing down just before the food arrived, people had found their spots and a lot of chat was going on...

From then on, it was just more beer, games and chatting :) people that had travelled from afar to be at the meeting had to start leaving, saying the farewells over the din of chatter :) Much kudos to Marble madness (Jim Watt) for travelling down from Glasgow to be there, via a lift from XY-man (Manchester).

At about 9pm, Ade had returned (he disappeared earlier in the day to go buy some machines :) and Kipster was going to be looking after one for him, so we had to shift the chatters in the lounge, and remove the French windows so we could get the machine in :) much struggling and stuff, most of us mucked in to lend a hand pulling it into the kitchen. Super Breakout, nice, 1978 black and white beast in moderate condition (non-working of course).

It was at about that time I had to depart as i was hitching a lift...

Much fun I can say was had by all, as always...

so.. who'd holding the next meeting?? who knows!!!!




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