U.K.VAC Meeting 1.95

"Gorfian Meet" Bedford, June 3rd,2001




  • Loadsa People
  • Gorf Tabletop
  • Gorf Minimyte / Caberet
  • Gorf Upright
  • Star Wars Cockpit
  • Twilight Zone
  • Baby Pac-Man
  • Outrun
  • Outrunners
  • PaperBoy
  • Massive Jamma
  • Granny and the Gators
  • Galaga Tabletop
  • Space Invader Tabletop (down)
  • Space Firebird Tabletop
  • Jamma with Wonderboy in
  • Fooseball Table
  • Pool Table
  • Killer Instinct
  • Asteroids
  • Sub-electro Tabletop (ahem Gals Panic)


Write-up here... Any offers?



JCRS's Pictures
The machines await their days onslaught 1 Small beer , 3 Large Cabinets :) A wacka wacka in nappies
Kdoe on the Twilight Zone, after cheating on paperboy Hey I spotted a Gorf! Some people start gaming!
Hey I spotted another Gorf! and again!!!!! Pedal to the metal on Outrunners!
Ive spotted another...no I havent.. phew! Guddlers time to use the force! Dave Langley on Steroids, I mean Asteroids..
Do you fancy a game of table footer ? A Sub-electro coffee cable The food preparation begins! Yummy!
Matt decides wether to take down the Xmas Lights :) KI2 in the background of some pic that wasn't taken..... Galaga & Gorf & Space Invaders & Space Firebird Cocktails
My sight after to many beers.. My flash is brighter than your flash.. Paperboy!
Rav knocks up a high score on Asteroids. You can lean, but your still in the picture. er.. ukvacers gaming
Ill pot the pcb into the far pocket, without knocking the cups over. Jamma Coffer O' Matic - Really :) Hey we're in a pub !
The only Outrun with extra rain patch. Der der der Derrrrrrrrr, The Twilight Zone. Leo is installed just for Mike from Bournemouth
 Guddler's Pictures
Galaga competition in full swing (i think!)... A happy Ade (obviously winning on the Galaga), and one of many sightings of DType on the Twilight Zone - Mr Doe watches on intently... General peeps. Bazfish clearly not amused about something Ade's up to on the Galaga...
That Twilight Zone manages to get in everywhere - clearly have to be drunk to view it properly. It seemed correct at the time!... Obscene high score on the paperboy (somebody been cheating perhaps?)...