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Category: Arcade
Forum Name: General Arcade Discussion
Forum Description: All General Arcade Chat here
Printed Date: 21 Jan 2021 at 10:33am

Posted By: antray84
Date Posted: 07 Jan 2021 at 8:29pm
It's a new year. We are all in a very different place to where we were in January 2020. But as Namco once said the Soul still Burns.

So what are peoples dream cabs to add to their collection in the coming 12 months? Realistic expections.

Does anyone have anything cool in the works?

I guess it is a new years resolution thread. I am just interested to see where people are and what they want to achieve in the next 12 months.

For me the dream is to get my MAME cab the way I want it too look.
I need to fix the monitor on my Outrun 
And I would love if it ever comes up, a stand up Daytona USA.


Big Apple 3am

Posted By: John Bennett
Date Posted: 07 Jan 2021 at 10:06pm
Lots of projects, not enough time.

I never finish anything! So...

Finish tidying up my Naomi DLX (my only cab).
Make a custom supergun PCB to hook Naomi up to my projection TV (tidier than my stripboard lash-up now)
Finish off or sack-off some FPGA Custom IC stuff - CUS27, CAT702
Do couple more Outrun DLX boards (lamp driver and audio amp)
Submit the Namco C139 linkup MAME driver stuff.
Fix some of my many broken PCBs.

And maybe play some games.

-------------" rel="nofollow - -sibling 'fix-off' (I’m losing by miles).

Posted By: _Matt_
Date Posted: 07 Jan 2021 at 10:29pm
This year it's my dream to buy absolutely no cabs at all!
Like most of you I have to many projects and not much time to work on them. Currently though I have just about enough space to work on them and that's what I really need to make more of an effort on this year. The problem is, if something irresistible pops up for sale at a good price and I might not get another chance then what the hell am I ment to do? I have zero willpower when it comes to arcade machines   

Posted By: Flinnster
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2021 at 2:44am
I hope to get back to fixing things and doing work on my projects. This parenting lark isn't arcade friendly..
And posting up some project and fix updates, because there have been some.
And being able to do a meet, play some competitive Bomb Jack and Wonderboy, and drink some beer Beer


WTD: Outrun DLX (REALLY!), Rolling Thunder PCB
Parts WTD: Any Dino King / LnB / MushiKing Spare Parts!

Posted By: channel27
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2021 at 8:39am
2020 was quite a productive year for me what with working from home. I got to spend the couple of hours a day I usually spend commuting in the garage finishing the games room conversion.

Hopefully in 2021 I'll be able to concentrate on actual arcade stuff rather than insulation and plasterboarding!

Top priority: -
- Finally collect the Daytona twin shell I've been promised (once Boris lets us) and put the cab together after collecting spares for the last few years.
- Finish the Crazy Taxi refurb
- Finish the F355 to Outrun 2SP conversion

Middling priority: -
- Finish the SF2 JAMMA cab

Low priority / I won't get round to it: -
- Deep clean and re-rubber the SF2 pin
- Fix VF1's sound
- Fix the Cops-n-Robbers fruity

Dream cabs to aquire: -
- Virtua Racing upright (Anyone have one for sale? PM me pleeeease :D)

Tekken: 5DR, 5.1, 6, 6BR, TTT2
Virtua Fighter: 2.1, 3TB, 4, 5
Any working / faulty Sega Model 1/2/3 boards

Posted By: r-type
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2021 at 10:17am
For 2021 it's all about finally having somewhere to keep my cabs warm and dry. Fed up with only playing them for 6 months a year.

Thankfully my projects were mostly completed last year. I got my SCI cab back up and running nicely (few little cosmetic things left to do and I might even look at getting the shaker motor going again). My Zacc T & F was all tidied up the year before and my trusty JAMMA cab doesn't need much at all now.

As for new cabinets, I'd like another two JAMMA cabs. Been saving up to get them made up as I have two 19 inch WGK7000 to go in them. 

Other than that there's a few PCBs to get repaired - that'll be it for this year I think.

Posted By: vids
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2021 at 11:02am
Hope to fix up my cabs then move most of them on ,going in another direction now and cabs will not be a big part of it,too much arcade related stuff and cant enjoy the cabin in the garden as i should be doing

cabs i own,pole position,tempest,defender,gorf midi and upright,millipede,chase hq,dig dug,centuri eagle,op wolf,3 jamma cabs,world cup 78 pinball,rock-ola 443 jukebox.

Posted By: Kev A
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2021 at 11:25am
As long as nothing goes wrong nothing too much needs to be done to the arcades, got a new playfield to go into the pin though which will be a big job, as soon as the weather warms up will be starting that.

Wanted - Continental Circus cab /// Found thanks to Chopper79 :-)

Posted By: K1ngarth3r
Date Posted: 08 Jan 2021 at 11:55am
Its going to be a slow year for me this year.

The most I can hope for is:

1) Working on Lethal Enforcers II Gun Fighters
- Need to replace control panel overlay
- Fill holes in the front of the machine
- Replace the base and leg levellers

2) Source Ghosts N Goblins cabinet from the US

Posted By: Stickman
Date Posted: 09 Jan 2021 at 1:08pm
Well all being well the Gorf should be finished around Spring time, then need to move the SCI on so it fits in the game room.  

Need to get the Outrun2 sit down from work into the room and then wait to see if I can get lucky with a Tron project cab.

Ohh how I wish for these cabs.... Robotron..PacMan..Tron...Defender/Stargate

Posted By: ChrisBEANS
Date Posted: 13 Jan 2021 at 8:15pm
In a perfect world, I’ll get hold of an MVS-U4 in great condition, working memory card slot and headphone jacks...Chrome CP... no burn in...

Keep getting tempted by the thought of putting a multi slot MVS into a JAMMA candy, but if we’re sticking to “dream” cabs, definitely the U4.

It’ll be my first cab, so don’t want anything that requires much work because I don’t want to be in over my head and end up knackering something that could be salvaged by someone more knowledgable...

Posted By: mysticmonk
Date Posted: 13 Jan 2021 at 8:40pm
Depending how things go I'll be getting a turtles cab and killer instinct, that's the bullseye target. Anything else would be gravy :)

Also waiting to get that flat t-molding for punch-out, I've only been waiting since last April so any decade now! Riots, pandemics, any old excuse not to send it. Ocd kicking in over it, last job

Posted By: Retroman839
Date Posted: 13 Jan 2021 at 10:43pm
dream cabs to do list
ferrari f355 delux   required new monitors x2 and spit & polish   with driving multi emu.

aero total overhaul    
neo 25”    new monitor
windy 2    yep monitor required , jvs to jamma mod.
sega naomi & chihiro multi pi loader naomi gun cab.   plus custom 24v solinoid in modded guns it will be done.
plus a custom monkey ball banana stick/control panel. IMG]smileys/smiley4.gif" align="middle[/IMG]

Posted By: steling1
Date Posted: 13 Jan 2021 at 11:49pm
Most of my cabs are working nice but I do have a couple of chassis recaps that would be nice to do but not urgent ....

I would also like to move on my house of the dead 4 cab and put a nice “new versus city” setup in its place, done a bunch of chasing to get one but haven’t been able to source one as of yet but here’s hoping to 2021....failing that I might try and buy two blast or new net cities instead and hook them up to work together like a vs city...

Looking for a New Versus City cab...any leads on one let me know :-)

Posted By: mechacrash
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2021 at 1:26am
I recently (October) moved house, so I finally have space to work on my machines and fix them all up. That’s my priority right now at least - make everything I’ve bought look and work 100%

That currently means:
- buying missing parts for a few machines (acrylic marquee holder for NEO CANDY 29, missing pops and printer for project diva, new CPs needed for astros, etc.)
- fixing some broken machines (beatmania III needs to be reinforced, it’s literally falling apart. Monkey ball (Naomi universal) needs its chassis repaired or replaced, astros are untested atm...)
- moving machines into local storage, or into the house (ParaParaParadise, pop’n stage, dance evolution and pop’n music animelo are all scattered around the country/world atm, and each will need a lot of work to fix them up!)

As far as future projects are concerned,
I’ve got my eyes out for a few machines (puyo puyo quest arcade, typing of the dead, an aero table, beatstream, museca, dissidia, dancemaniax, a pair of aeros and vewlix, and so on), and I’ve got pleeeenty of PCBs I want to start picking up... maybe time to get myself some overpriced CAVE sh*t!

2021 isn’t likely to be a big year for getting new cabs for me, but I’m hoping that by the end of the year, what I currently own will be “picturesque” :D

Posted By: strykr
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2021 at 8:29am
Find a battered nintendo shell and restore it.

When the weather gets better go out to the arcade and see whats survived!

Get back into playing more, expecially bullet hell shmups. I miss playing them.

We all beat covid and have an epic meet.

Wanted - Electrocoin Wheels Runner Cabinet
Check out my 80s Synthwave Music :)

Posted By: Bensonrad
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2021 at 9:03am
Same as every other year, make my arcade machines work, clear space to actually get to them/fix/play them.

An Asteroids Deluxe or Asteroids Cabaret remains firmly at the top of my want list.

Wanted: ASTEROIDS CABARET or ASTEROIDS DELUXE CABARET, also looking for a Super Pacman Bezel, a Euro Millipede inner Bezel.

Posted By: Wurstkopp
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2021 at 11:15am
Should and want to work on a Galaga '88 cabinet this year, but think I won't have the time to do so. Sides have to get sanded, primed and painted, new sidearts then. Also the front needs new paint. Currently too busy for all that.

Robotron, Smash TV, Final Fight, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Street Fighter 2, Donkey Kong, Galaga 88, Centipede cabaret, SNK MVS-U4, Taito MT-8

Posted By: Baiterhater
Date Posted: 14 Jan 2021 at 11:22am
I’ve got to build somewhere to live, on the plus side it’s gona have a games room.


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