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Interest check - dino king blanking plate (front)

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Printed Date: 07 Mar 2021 at 2:20pm

Topic: Interest check - dino king blanking plate (front)
Posted By: ar2r
Subject: Interest check - dino king blanking plate (front)
Date Posted: 17 Feb 2021 at 8:52pm
I really do not like the look of the silver card dispenser entry plate in my dino king cab and always wanted to replace it. 

Part number DKT-1203 PICK OUT LID

I have finally got the design ready and got a few quotes back.

For this to work I would need to order minimum 25 pieces and the price would be £15 plus postage (around £4 for 1-5 in UK)

The price includes plate with welded m4 studs powder coated in white

Let me know if there is any interest for this at this price.

Pictures of the original plate and how the cab looks like with both white ones. 

Posted By: Stox58
Date Posted: 17 Feb 2021 at 9:20pm

Great idea

You can put me down for one please

Would be great if you could do an orange option, as I’ve got an orange Dino. But I guess the colour match may be difficult

Posted By: qjuk
Date Posted: 17 Feb 2021 at 9:45pm
I personally don’t mind the silver card dispenser plate, although these blanking plates are better Smile

Put me down for 6.
Is there any chance you could get a couple of them powder coated in black? 

Wanted: Rainbow Islands original PCB.

Posted By: kenc
Date Posted: 17 Feb 2021 at 9:53pm
Put me down for one. I've been trying to figure out what to do about that panel.

I don't care about the colour as I'll end up stripping and spraying to colour match the door I've just finished stripping.


Posted By: Vinegar Joe
Date Posted: 17 Feb 2021 at 10:22pm
Great idea.

Unfortunately my cab is orange, so I'll pass.

Posted By: ar2r
Date Posted: 17 Feb 2021 at 11:22pm
I will enquire about the colour. 
I have an orange one myself but have not asked. 
I can ask them not to paint few so there will be no need for stripping.

Posted By: Vinegar Joe
Date Posted: 18 Feb 2021 at 12:53am
Yeah if they can do orange put me down for one, cheers! Thumbs Up

Posted By: sherr03
Date Posted: 18 Feb 2021 at 8:59am
Id be interested in a white one please.

Posted By: BulkSlash
Date Posted: 18 Feb 2021 at 9:07am
Put me down for a white one too please! Smile

Posted By: Neokidgeo
Date Posted: 18 Feb 2021 at 6:24pm
Orange here Smile

Posted By: Zipper
Date Posted: 18 Feb 2021 at 6:28pm
it would be nice to finish my cab off... if you do a batch then I'd be in for a white one. Thumbs Up

Posted By: ar2r
Date Posted: 23 Feb 2021 at 8:41am
Quick update.

I have enquired about colors and waiting for replay. Will update ASAP.

Thanks for interest so far

Posted By: Flinnster
Date Posted: 23 Feb 2021 at 11:47am
Looks like you have 15x above if you can sort out the colour finishes Big smile

I'm sitting on the fence at the moment (the card dispenser slots never really bothered me).. but I appreciate the effort that goes into sorting out group buys - so if you need me to come in later to make up the numbers, I may take a punt on some.

In terms of colours I collected RAL comparison numbers for the Sega Naomi DX that John B is working on and we reckon it's likely Sega used the same paints across Dino King / Naomi cabs. I can dig those out if they are helpful.


WTD: Outrun DLX (REALLY!), Rolling Thunder PCB
Parts WTD: Any Dino King / LnB / MushiKing Spare Parts!

Posted By: Blip
Date Posted: 23 Feb 2021 at 12:57pm
Count me in please. x 1 Thumbs Up

Wanted: Original Ghosts & Goblins\Dragon Buster\Mario Bros.

Posted By: handbakedarcade
Date Posted: 24 Feb 2021 at 9:15pm

I will take one please in either white or raw metal.

Cheers. Tom

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