Example Logo submitted for the competition

UKVAC Logo Competition

In order to enchance the site we have organised a competition to design a logo similar to the one you see above. The details of the competition are as follows:

Anyway I am putting up a prize of 100 for the person who would design in my opinion the most suitable/representative logo.

The XY-Mas competition is open to ALL members subscribed to the mailing list.

Upto Three Entries per person - BUT they must be different conceptual pieces - not just differring colour-schemes!!

All finalized entries should be submitted to me by email by 00.00 1/1/2000.

Once you have submitted you cannot update your designs.

Reminders to submit will be posted to the mailing list just before closing.

Animated gifs would be nice, as would a vector format or even a set of matching icons but ANY form which catches my eye will win so anyone can win with a copy of "Paint". We recommend using the freely downloable evaluation copy of Paint Shop Pro 6 which allows a combination of Ratser and Vectors to be produced!

The winner will be announced on the mailing list on 1/1/2000 and the logo will take up its pride of place on the website, and the graphical content will naturally be reflected through-out the entire web-site!

The losing logos will be displayed on a webpage on the site soon after so you all have the chance to criticise my descison and call me rotten. :-) Losing Logos will be assumed to be usable by the webmaster unless otherwise stated by the entrant.

The winner of the competition will assign all rights of the winning logo to XY-Man and it may be altered to suit to promote UKVAC and the collecting scene here in the UK.

Submissions to xy-man@pyramidm.demon.co.uk